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About World Cup ( Stage 1 ) of "Winter Unifight"

On the 3 5the of February, 2013 in Kaluga region , the town of Medyn World Cup (1st stage) of " Winter Unifight " was held.

Winter Unifight is a young sport , including the passage of the obstacle -country skiing, shooting at a target from the air pistol duel in the snow.

World Cup was attended by athletes from 13 countries . The position of each country exhibited a man (weight category up to 80kg ) and woman (up to 60kg ) .

Among the honored guests of the competition were : chief of " Agrisovgaz ", member of the Public Chamber of the Kaluga region Gorohova L. , head of the advertising department of

" Agrisovgaz " Shurupov B. , Head of Administration Medyn area, Vice - President of the Russian Federation " Unifight " Kozlov N. , Deputy General Director of "MosMedynAgroprom" Rezunenko S. , representative of the Ministry of sports of Kaluga Region , the President of the Federation " Unifight " Nepal Mr. Dhananjaya Shrestha .

The International Amateur Federation "Winter Unifight " thanks for organizing and hosting the World Cup sponsors of competitions - Chairman of the Board of Directors of " Agrisovgaz " Frankshtein Boris , General Director of " Agrisovgaz " Kolbichev Dmitry , General Director of

" MosMedynAgroprom " Puchkov Valery , Head of the Administration Medinskaya area ", Vice - President of the Russian Federation "Unifight" Kozlov Nikolai , General Director of "FosAgro" Volkov Maxim .

champions and winners of the World Cup ( Stage 1 ) on the "Winter Unifight"

Women up to 60kg :
1st Place - Julia Kotova ( Russia )
2nd place - Grodskaya Lydia (Ukraine )
3rd place - Primak Nina (Ukraine ) , Kazakova Nadira (Uzbekistan )

Men up to 80 kg:
1st place - Aziz Ilyas ( Kazakhstan )
2nd Place - Huseynov Mobile (Azerbaijan)
3 place - Tikhonov Andrey ( Russia ) , Ulezlov Anton ( Ukraine)



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