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Sergey Novikov is the president of the Federation International Amateur Unifight (FIAU). He also serves as president of the all-Russian public organization the Russian Fight Sports Federation and the president of the children's Martial Arts club.

Winter Unifight

In the last 10-20 years in the development of martial arts is celebrated principally new trend - the emergence of new species on the basis of integration and aggregation with other sports. For example, in the mid 90-ies of XX century in Russia, Unifight - a comprehensive view that includes the consistent implementation of exercise on the obstacle course, shooting, throwing knives and hand to hand combat in the ring. This sport, initially emerged as a military application, has become very popular not only in the power structures of various countries, but also in the world.
Though it may seem paradoxical, but the creation of a set: winter sport + combat Winter Unifight - has a very good chance of survival and development.
 International Amateur Federation "Winter Unifight" held World Winter Unifight Championships in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
 February 4, 2011 in Kazakhstan (Almaty) in the frames of the 7th Winter Asian Games was held significant Winter Unifight international tournament.
February 3 5, 2013 in Kaluga region, the town of Medyn World Cup "Winter Unifight"
(Stage 1) was held. World Cup was attended by athletes from 13 countries. The position of each country exhibited male (weight category up to 80kg) and woman (60kg).
This new sport has received as positive response in Asia, Europe and America.
The main task set by the International Federation "Winter Unifight" to take part in Winter Olympics in 2018. This aim can be achieved with the active support of all interested forces.



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